Mary Brooksbank School

Independence and acceptance

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About our school

Mary Brooksbank School offers educational programs for students with special needs from kindergarten through to the end of high school within a caring and supportive environment. We have a reputation for excellence in special education. We are part of a network of services for children with special needs provided by the Department of Education. We are in the Camden network, which is part of the Regional South Operational Directorate.

Students attend this school following placement and recommendatons from a regional panel. All students have an intellectual disability, and may have secondary and multiple disabilities. 

The school provides quality curriculum access with accomodations and adjustements for all students on an individualised basis. We implement K-6 curriculum and K-12 lifeskills curriculum. All students work towards the Record of School Achievement and Higher school certificate. 

In 2010 Mary Brooksbank School was awarded a Director General award for School achievement. This was in relation to our work in establishing a numeracy framework for special needs learners. In 2009 we were state finalists in the "Centre from Learning Innovations (CLI)- Digital story awards" and in 2008 we received a South western Sydney Director's choice award for excellence in Special Education. 

Our school priorities for 2018-2020 are reflected in our current School Plan. We have a focus on staff and student Wellbeing, providing opportunities for all students and forming sustainable partnerships and relationships with our school community. We have a strong student welfare focus including positive behaviour support, therapy support and community based programs.The individual programs are designed to focus on student achievement in order to promote individual development and success for an independent future. We have a strong focus on academic skills and promote a high expectations for all students. 

The staff at Mary Brooksbank School are well qualified and professional. Each teacher and class is supported by a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO). We have strong links with the parents and carers, our P&C, inter agencies and the wider community. 

The school buildings and grounds were specifically designed with the needs of students with disabilities taken into consideration. Our school has a heated hydrotherapy pool, a specifically built sensory room, play equipment and music room. 

We are committed to quality education and equity for all our students, staff and community members.

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