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Independence and acceptance

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Additional programs

Mary Brooksbank School offers a number of additional programs to support students. These programs cater for the social, personal and academic learning needs of students throughout their school life.

Sensory access

Our Sensory room is equipped with sensory equipment that encourages our students to interact and increase their confidence through play. Sensory stimulation, relaxation and the development of fine and gross motor skills help to enhance our students movement, co-ordination and confidence while increasing learning potential and having fun. Sensory assessment and programming is available to support students with identified sensory impairments. These programs are integrated into individual student plans.


Breakfast club

Some classes have a breakfast club students prepare breakfast when they arrive at school. This is an important activity as it provides the children with the opportunity to practice a huge range of skills to do with meal preparation and eating. These skills include identifying ingredients, chopping, serving, waiting, making choices, sitting at a table, manners and helping. These skills are critical independent life skills for all students.


School excursions

Excursions have been a feature of both the junior and senior schools, with students traveling into the local community and further. School Excursions are linked to student's work in the classroom and the Key Learning Areas. Students have visited a range of venues as part of our school excursion program including Campbelltown and Wollongong Council Waste Recycling Depots, The Museum of Contemporary Arts Bella Program (for students with a disability), Featherdale Wildlife Park, Wooglemai Environmental Education Centre The Powerhouse Museum, Thirlmere Railway Museum and local restaurants for dinner. Overnight camps are also held for some class groups. Overnight camps provide students with an excellent opportunity to be independent and self sufficient in an environment other than their familiar school and home setting.

School to work program


The School to Work Program for NSW Government Secondary Schools aims to equip students with skills, understandings, and attributes that will enable them to transition from school as smoothly as possible.

Many students during senior years participate in school to work programs. Some of these programs operate in-school and others out-of-school. These programs support transition into work programs. Our goal for in-school programs is to develop safe and appropriate work skills that will promote successful placement in work programs. The goal for out-of-school programs is to match students capability to a potential work site once they have finished school.

In-school initiatives include maintaining the permaculture garden, bus washing, can crushing, recycling, hospitality, landscaping, distribution of stores to classrooms and prioritised independent living skills. Out-of-school work programs include participation in The Power Program and shopping for food technology programs. Many work skills are integrated into day to day class programs.

Hydrotherpahy and swimming sessions

Mary Brooksbank School offers two weekly swimming sessions that are conducted by a qualified Aus Swim instructor. Each session is also supervised by a teacher and School Learning Support Officer (SLSO). The hydrotherapy pool has also been utilised by less mobile students to assist with muscle relaxation, control, movement, strength and overall fitness. The staff are able to use flotation devices and aides with students, to ensure maximum support in the water. We are able to meet a large variety of student needs through the use of the hydrotherapy pool.

Drug education

Drug education at Mary Brooksbank School is a priority. We value education that gives students the skills to live healthy and dignified lives. To support teachers in providing quality education for all students, school resources such as "Doctor Gemma" and the "Out of Reach" kit have been utilised. These resources increase awareness of the uses and potential hazards associated with the use and storage of prescription and over counter medicine. Our school program is organised in five strands: Medicine and Me, Keeping Me Healthy, Safety around the Home, Smoking and Alcohol. There is a strong focus on healthy eating and functional teaching of skills relating to healthy lives. Students also attend the Life Education Van which focuses on healthy living and healthy bodies.

Community access

There are currently several Community Access programs being run throughout Mary Brooksbank School each individualised to suite the needs of our students. Students learn a variety of life and travel skills through these programs. Some of the many venues students visit as part of community access are Mt Annan Gardens, Appin Park, Macarthur Square, Cataract Dam, Ten Pin Bowling, Cinemas, Indoor Sport Centres and the Council Bike Track.